“Antoine will surprise you with what he delivers. I highly recommend him as a business consultant.”

RH, President

“Antoine is fantastic. I recommend him to anybody who won’t take him away from us.”

RW, Co-Founder

“Our company profits nicely with Antoine here.”

EH, Managing Partner

“He was very professional and thoughtful in providing leads that, to stakeholders, played to my advantage.”

SM, Test Engineer

“Antoine’s expertise exceeded my expectations but his willingness to share the grunt work as well as the intellectual challenge made him a pleasure to work with.”

LZ, Analyst

“Antoine has been very helpful and forthcoming”

JC, Investor

“Antoine is always seeking to understand trends and identify business opportunities – a vital resource for anyone serious about the field of autonomous robotics.”

FT, Investor

“Antoine is an exceptional consultant in the unmanned systems industry.”

LV, Sr Prg Mgr

“Antoine – Thank you for the excellent quality of the report you delivered. We found this to be of very good value and will consider you an extension of our market research resources for future events we can not attend. We found your report to be thorough, insightful, and accurate. It was a great value.”

MD, Manager of Business Development

“Beautiful. Perfect. Exactly what I needed.”

DH, President

“It helped to solidify my decision to move my business model elsewhere within the industry. Your answers were extremely insightful & helpful. Thank you.”


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