Unmanned Maritime Systems Business Reports

We were all impressed with the comprehensive detail and thought that went into this well research book. We find it a useful tool to lookup and confirm data for the unmanned market.- Program Executive, Large global firm in the maritime and naval industry

UVSC offers individual business reports on unmanned maritime systems covering the current market, or future markets in either unmanned undersea vehicles or unmanned surface vehicles. These three individual reports were created by reformatting and updating a very successful and comprehensive 530-page report that examined in detail the UMS market, technologies and opportunities.

I found the data and information to be a very useful tool in understanding the potential market opportunities.- Business Development Manager, Large North American company

These business reports will help you understand Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) inside and out, improving your decisions regarding this emerging and dynamic industry. They are the best-selling reports by its publisher, Market Info Group, and have received very positive reviews. All three reports are updated throughout with new images and information on major findings, business opportunities, contracts, and drivers/inhibitors. Please note: order directly from UVSC for faster processing and possible discounts.

UUV + USV Current:

This report covers all existing UUV and USV markets, vendors, models, technologies, uses and contracts. Updated information includes additional contracts organized by region/manufacturer, new models of USV and UUV, and expansion of vendor business development.

UUV Future:

This report covers the future uses, technologies and opportunities of unmanned undersea vehicles with a revised forecast by region and market. New information includes updated business opportunities.

USV Future:

This report covers the future uses, technologies, and opportunities of unmanned surface vehicles with a revised forecast by region and market. It also offers updated business opportunities. See related articles. Request Table of Contents and/or report samples. Questions regarding pricing, licenses and ordering from the publisher Market Info Group: link to ums-report.com

What are these UMS business reports about?

After three years of hard work conducting interviews, digging through documents in foreign languages, dissecting budget tables, and using my business development and engineering background to examine the connection between business and technology, I wrote a comprehensive market report that includes forecasts, technology, applications and vehicle inventory. It covers USV (Unmanned Surface) and UUV (Unmanned Undersea) and associated systems, and explains how the Unmanned Maritime technology applies to the future of Defense and Security Markets. These new offerings are updated, refocused reports from this larger effort. Strategists, planners, and decision-makers can use these reports to make better business decisions regarding their companies, products, or services in unmanned maritime systems. I am the lead analyst for the reports. Market Info Group is the editor and publisher and is selling them along with their distributors.

How will they help my business?

If you believe you have something to offer the unmanned systems industry, or want to understand how unmanned systems will impact the future of defense and security, then you need to examine the opportunities in unmanned maritime as outlined in these reports. Unmanned Air is now a mature market, making it hard to enter or even simply compete within. Unmanned Ground is primarily driven by Middle Eastern conflicts and threats of explosives, with a market already reduced by the reduction of military forces. Unmanned Maritime now offers the most potential for growth. If you are making decisions regarding which technologies to develop, markets to enter, positions to reinforce, or strategies to develop; or simply need to understand Unmanned Maritime Systems, these reports will help you tremendously.

How are these reports different from others?

The original comprehensive report on UMS, over 500 pages long, is unmatched in providing details and these focused reports are no different. Actual programs are specified and the mechanics of the industry are explained. You will understand WHY things are the way they are today and in turn make a better assessment of the future and how it relates to you, including possible business opportunities. And because UMS are used for a wide range of activities, topics may include mines, submarines, underwater IED, harbor protection, and piracy. Find out who is making what USV and UUV designs listed by manufacturer. These reports are the result of intensive and exhaustive research; and my background in Ocean Engineering, Unmanned Systems, and Strategy/Business Development gives me the ability to speak with authority on the subject. Market Info Group also added their expertise and did a great job with numbers analysis and forecasting. Most of all, I wrote them with the goal that readers will benefit from my analysis, make informed decisions, and expand their participation in unmanned systems. After purchase, feel free to follow-up with me with questions regarding how YOU can expand in unmanned systems. Or contact me now with questions beforehand.

Buy one or all of the reports.

Contact me for a possible discount; you can also order directly from Market Info Group at www.ums-report.com

Need even more information?

Sometimes we need actionable information tailored to support our specific project. Contact UVSC if you need customized assistance in unmanned systems relative to your business. After years of research culminating in a deep understanding of the industry, I can provide my personal expertise as well as access to an enormous contact database of industry insiders. From my experience, custom reports or consulting is better than already-made reports, although it is slightly more expensive.

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